when the request of the Lord of the World
unites the evolution of all terrestrial souls
with the helping and healing Light of the Space Brothers
the aged darkness looses the last of its power


and the light of the souls gains strength
and ignites the heart-will of humanity


before the full moon falls into the shadow of the Earth

before the days of the returning light
embrace the morning in its transition


will-power ousts the desire of the senses


the heart is the power of the eternal universal Light

the heart discloses the path and the truth of the Light


the cosmic ray comes through the gates of the Earth
the custodians of cosmic wisdom direct its flow
through the yew-ring into the might


and the cosmic might finds its goal in the depths
and permeates the sources of lore and creation


Silent Light

reveal the unity of humanity
reveal the Cosmic Fundamental Force

Silent Light


Silent Light